Physical Benefits

Woman running

(Note: There may be some terms you may not know; click on the blue links for an external definition.)

- Increased heart rate (gradual), preventing a rapid increase in blood pressure.

- Increased blood flow, allowing muscles to become more flexible and pliable.

- Increased blood temperature and metabolic rate, resulting in a faster oxygen release and a muscle temperature increase, which in turn, allows the muscles to utilize glucose and fatty acids to burn calories more efficiently to generate more energy for the workout.

- Improved breathing, allowing more oxygen to the brain and muscles to reduce premature fatigue.

- Improved cardiac output (increased stamina), preventing the buildup of lactic acid in the blood.

- Stimulation of nerve-to-muscle pathways, allowing for more muscle control, improved coordination, and a faster reaction time.

- Improved range of motion, allowing joints to rotate more freely and safely