Common Misconceptions

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One of the most common misconceptions about warm ups is that many people often believe that the act of warming up only includes 2 to 5 minutes of static stretching (we will learn more about static stretching in Part 3). Many people believe this to be true, but a real warm-up involves a series of steps that ultimately makes-up a warm-up routine.

Always keep in mind that static stretching is only part of the warm up!

Another common misconception is that many people believe that warm ups are only for high-demand athletes who play sports. Although part of this statement is true, high-demand athletes do need to warm up properly before their activities, non-athletic individuals need to warm up even more so. When your body is out of shape, joints and muscles tend to be weaker and more prone to injury. Warming up does not completely prevent injury, but it definitely can decrease your risk of injury.