What Will You Be Learning?

Soccer team stretching

Before beginning the module, I would like to explain a few things:

Instructional Goal:
The purpose of this instructional design project is to develop and evaluate a web-based instructional module on proper warm up techniques for cardiovascular exercise for adult learners. 

The main objective is for the learner to be able to acknowledge the benefits and importance of a warm-up routine before performing cardiovascular exercise.

Here's an overview of what you will be learning:

Part 1: What is a Warm-Up?

            - Basic Definition
            - Common Misconceptions
            - Consequences of Omittance

Part 2: Why Warm-Up?

Part 3: Developing a Positive Warm-Up Attitude
            - Physical Benefits
            - Mental Preparation

Part 4: Developing a Warm-Up Routine
            - General Warm-Up
            - Static Stretching
            - Sport-Specific Dynamic Stretching
            - Post Warm-Up Target Heart Rate

Please watch this video for a visual understanding of what you will be learning today: